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The Central Shocker System

Let’s zoom in on the Central Shocker System (CS system); the most effective and versatile lead (free) system on the market.

The CS system is based on the idea that the fish is hooked from the center of the lead. The full weight of the system is therefore immediately used and ensures an extremely effective first hook penetration! The swivel connected to the hooklink is held in place in that center until the fish picks up the hookbait and hooks itself.

The moment a fish moves the lead upwards, there is a lot of pressure on the hook point due to the large surface area of the lead that is moved through the water. This pressure is many times greater than the pressure created when using a traditional inline lead, which means that in practice we can force an extremely effective hook up with a relatively low lead weight! Get yours now

The unprecedented possibilities that the CS-System offers are found in the unique design of the insert that is slid into the lead. This universal insert fits all weight CS Systems. So the lead weight can easily be adjusted while fishing or you can remove it for transport and prevent damage to your precious rods! The insert is made of a special material that is somewhere between a soft insert and the rock-hard inserts that we know from the considerably less safe, conventional inline leads.

Besides the fact that this system hooks from the center of the lead, there is also a shocker effect. The shocker effect is created by means of the special QC CS swivel, where you simply push the barrel into the insert, and the resistance experienced by the barrel will always be exactly the same. Once the fish has hooked onto the full weight of the lead and instinctively starts shaking its head, the barrel of the swivel will release from the insert/lead.

As soon as the QC CS swivel releases from the insert, the used unleaded leader is pulled through the lead/insert at double speed. The smooth, unleaded leader is not tied to the swivel to which the leader is also connected. As a result, bite registration will be twice as fast as with a traditional lead system and that in itself also provides a huge advantage. In addition, the fish cannot use the lead weight to get rid of the hook.

The space between the carp’s mouth and the lead increases with every blow of the carp’s head, until the moment the carp angler picks up his rod and applies pressure.

In addition to the method of operation and use described above, this system can be used in many more ways. For example, it is also possible to feed a (fluorocarbon) leader directly through the insert without using a unleaded leader. We then prefer to fish the system ‘running’, as it were. The barrel that provides the shocker effect is then omitted and the lead goes directly through the large ring of the QC CS swivel. Regardless of the method of use, the safety of the fish is guaranteed as much as possible as a broken piece of leader or main line can be pulled through the insert without too much effort, even if it still contains knots/loops.

If necessary, the tail rubber can be cut at your discretion to ensure smooth and therefore safe transit of knots.  The lead plays a crucial role as a counterweight. The lead is therefore not wasted during a drill and we are also certain that in the vast majority of cases this is really not necessary. It is easy to play a fish while the lead is still on the line/leader, contrary to what other fishermen often claim.

The lead has a matte coating that comes as close as possible to natural camouflage. A ‘Grippa’ profile was chosen to keep the lead even more stable on the bottom. The overall shape of the lead ensures that the rig does not end up too high above the bottom, bearing in mind that in most cases the lead also sinks a bit into the lake bed. The large(er) surface of the lead ensures that as much pressure as possible is placed on the hook point during, but also after, hook up.

The edges of the lead are flattened which allows the sinking anti-tangle sleeve that sits on the leader to point downwards. The tail rubber is designed in such a way that it actually fits seamlessly with the lead. Since there is no edge/slit between this rubber and the top of the lead, the whole thing is really ‘tangle proof’. At the bottom of the lead is the swivel that secures the leader or lead. You can choose to use a quick change swivel where you can easily and quickly attach a PVA stick.

The RIG works as a RUDDER! As soon as the lead sinks to the bottom when casting or laying in, the leader serves as a kind of rudder. The lead, which of course sinks faster than the baited rig, will sink down into the correct position with the rig as ‘steering wheel’. This effect can be further enhanced by using PVA or a PVA stick on the hook. Do you want to cast the system? Make sure that you slow down the entire system before it hits the water surface. This way, things don’t get tangled and you can be sure that this sneaky system is perfectly in position.

Everything is neatly concealed

In short, the CS System is the most versatile system on the market! Effective, user-friendly, fish-safe and of course lead-free!

The differences and advantages of the CS system compared to other ‘similar’ systems.
In terms of finish, compared to other center-of-the-lead hooking systems on the market, the CS System has no extra stuff hanging outside the lead. Everything is subtle, internally processed so that you can cast it with ease without a great chance of getting tangled up.

Double bite registration!

Another big advantage is the double bite registration, as soon as the carp has hooked itself on the full weight of the lead and instinctively starts shaking its head, the barrel of the special QC CS swivel will release from the insert/lead. As soon as the QC CS swivel is released from the insert, the used unleaded leader (can also be a shock leader or mainline) is pulled through the lead/insert at double speed. The smooth, unleaded leader is not tied to the swivel to which the leader is also connected. This means that bite registration will be twice as fast.

Losing the lead is a no go!

With this system we are not trying to get rid of the weight after a take. We believe it doesn’t affect the play in any way.

Easy change of lead weight

You can easily remove the lead during transport and protect your rods and it also allows you to change casting weight quickly and easily. The insert is universal, which is also the difference with, for example, other systems on the market where the same insert cannot be used for all kinds of different lead weights.

Maximum utilization of the lead weight

The pressure on the hook point that the fish experiences when first taking the hook bait is always the same. This is because the QC swivel is always released from the center of the lead under the same pressure. This is certainly not the case with other systems on the market because the pressure on the swivel is much harder to control and the resistance is therefore variable.

No friction to hinder

With the CS System you experience no friction from the leader because they do not run past each other. This improves effectiveness! With other systems this is a huge disadvantage. The leader and/or the main line run past each other inside and that causes a lot of unnecessary friction, which means that the swivel also becomes less easy to get out and create the ‘shocker’ effect.

Fish safety at its best

The CS System is of course a truly fish-safe system because a carp can also loose a broken piece of main line after a line break, which is not the case with some systems, or is seriously hindered with all the associated risks.

So what makes it so fish safe?

The insert has a large central hole so that knots and (snag) leaders can pass safely. We also do not use a normal swivel, but there is a larger ring on our QC swivel through which all knots can pass effortlessly and that of course makes it very safe in the event of a line break. However, other systems use a normal size 8 swivel. In the event of a line break, the leader and knot must pass through this small opening and this is of course not always possible. This creates unsafe situations and that is precisely what you want to avoid.


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